Best Tattoo Aftercare in Phuket Town Thailand

It is very important you adhere to your artist’s advice in caring for your tattoo after you leave the studio. For the very best results, your artist knows what’s best for your tattoo, so listen up!

  1. Keep plastic on for one hour;
  2. No sun baking, swimming or soaking your tattoo until completely healed;
  3. Wash gently with cool water twice a day (no soap);
  4. On the third day apply a small amount of ‘bepanthen’ cream after each time you wash your tattoo and continue to do so every day until completely healed;
  5. Keep in mind your tattoo is an open wound, so keep it as clean as possible. It’s normal for it to weep and feel itchy whilst healing;
  6. No scratching or picking at the flaky skin, let it come off naturally;
  7. Depending on the size and whether it’s black/grey or colour it should take between one to three weeks to heal; and
  8. Last but definitely not least, listen to your artist’s aftercare advice!